For $30 you can make a difference too!

Mental Health Is A National Issue

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Maple (RE)Leaf will raise much needed funds to support mental health in communities across Canada. For $30 you can support mental health services in communities across Canada.

Buy A Leaf – Save a Life

By supporting Maple (Re)Leaf, you support mental health services in your community. These services provide counselling, support, tools to help and so much more. Donate to Maple (Re)Leaf today!
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We could not be prouder to have Charles as our Creative Director of Maple (Re)LeafCharles designed the Leaf for this project and we could not be more excited and grateful for his support. Donate today to support mental health services in your community.

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Great Canadians

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When we reached out to our celebrity friends to help us spread the word about Maple (Re)Leaf, they all said ‘YES!’ and ‘OF COURSE” and ‘SIGN ME UP”.

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Mental Health Support

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In case of emergency – call 911.

If you or someone you know has suicide concerns – please call the Canada Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-833-456-4566. Additional crisis and support services can be found here.

To find mental health support in your area..

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